Tips For Cardiovascular Health


Dietary supplements offer tremendous risk-free potential to support and maintain healthy cardiovascular function. Nutrients are the natural way to activate heart-friendly genes, even helping to compensate for genetic weak spots.*

Major breakthroughs in understanding the nature of cardiovascular health have catapulted nutritional options to the first choice of any person seeking to maintain cardiovascular fitness. Never before have consumers had such a fine array of natural, safe, and effective options to support cardiovascular health.*

Wellness Resources is proud to be the industry leader in providing innovative solutions for the discerning and health-minded public – setting a quality standard that is unmatched by any other company.

A New Way of Looking at the Cardiovascular World

The new science shows that:

1) The fitness of your stored fat is of paramount importance to cardiovascular health. Optimal body weight, a fresh food diet, and general physical fitness are the absolute bedrock foundation of cardiovascular well being. Following the Leptin Diet and consistently exercising are required for health in general and to get optimal results from the use of dietary supplements to support cardiovascular vitality.*

2) Cholesterol is important, but only to the degree that fitness is maintained across a wide range of systems that promote normal cholesterol function. Products such as Leptinal, Daily Super E, Pantethine, Niacin Plus, PoliBlue, and Thyroid Helper are the best natural options for this approach.*

3) Blood Pressure is important, but only to the degree that normal blood pressure is maintained because a person is healthy. Leptinal, Cardio Helper, Coenzyme Q10, Muscle Mag/ RelaxaMag, Potassium Plus, and Performa Plus form the cornerstone of this approach.*

4) Maintaining your energy level is pivotal; fatigue and too much stress must be offset with healthy nutrients. Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin, Pantethine/Stress Helper, Coenzyme Q10, Chlorella, Thyroid Helper, Calcium AEP, and Muscle Mag are indispensable tools to support this cause.*

5) The natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory reserves must be maintained throughout the circulatory system, thus reducing cardiovascular wear and tear while promoting and sustaining the healthy structure of arteries, capillaries, and the heart itself. Top nutrient choices include Leptinal, Cardio Helper, Daily Super E, Daily Protector, Daily Balancer, Bone Helper, and Repair Plus.

A person does not necessarily need all of the nutrients listed for any one category. To help you make choices, the most important ones are listed first. By using two or more products in any category you can boost natural support into the range of more comprehensive coverage, and significant benefit that is relevant to almost anyone.

Modular Nutrient Packets Set the New Quality Standard

Wellness Resources is the only company that provides modular groupings of cardiovascular support nutrients, enabling you to choose progressively more comprehensive levels of cardiovascular support without needless overlap of important nutrients. This is part of the design genius that has made Wellness Resources the leader in the field of clinical nutrition.

For example, the LeptiCardio Pack provides a comprehensive array of nutrients that support basic cardiovascular health, such as normal cholesterol fitness and healthy blood pressure function. It is our top-selling combination of cardiovascular support nutrition.*

Our Daily Super Pack provides all the basic B vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are crucial to normal and healthy everyday function – significantly broadening the basic cardiovascular support of the LeptiCardio Pack. These two packs make it easy to achieve high levels of vitally important cardiovascular nutrients and combining them is the best approach for a very broad range of dietary supplements that support cardiovascular health for a variety of different and important reasons.*

If a person is struggling with weight they can add the Leptin Control Pack, not only assisting metabolism but further boosting the level of cardiovascular support into a range that is even more appropriate for someone with weight issues.*

If a person is in a wear and tear trend, is struggling with aches and pains, or just wants to improve recovery from exercise then the Rejuvenation Pack can be added to this mix. Not only does this pack support natural recovery it specifically aids the healthy structure of the cardiovascular system in multiple ways.*

Any of these packs can be put together in any combination which will always support cardiovascular fitness while also addressing other health concerns of specific importance to you. Your heart wins no matter how you combine our convenient packs of nutrients; a modular design system of fine quality nutrients unmatched in the dietary supplement industry.*

You can readily and easily pick the level of support you desire, one that fits your needs as well as your budget. This is cardiovascular nutrient support made simple, safe, and effective. At Wellness Resources your health is our top priority – expect results!*

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