Understanding Cancer and Its Types

Cancer and neoplasms

The word cancer is derived from the Latin word for “crab” because cancers are very irregular shaped structures. Cancer refers to a growth which has the ability to so spread in the surrounding areas known as tissues, spread of the organism, which may lead to eventually to the death of the patients if not detected earlier. The best way to get away from these dangerous diseases is to work on its curing at earlier stages before it is spread throughout your body and slowly slowly attacks the nervous system, which may eventually lead to the death of the person.

The term tumor and cancer are sometimes misunderstood and create a confusion. A tumor is not necessarily a cancer. The word tumor simply refers to the mass of human body which has some spot or mark. Whereas, a cancer is particularly threatening type of tumor. It is helpful to keep this distinction clear when discussing a possible cancer diagnosis whereas neoplasm is an abnormal new growth of cells. The cells in a neoplasm usually grow more rapidly than the normal cell and continue to grow if not treated at the right time. As they grow, Neoplasm attacks on the damaged structures of cells. The term neoplasm can refer to benign (usually curable) or malignant (Cancerous) growth.

Definition of benign and malignant

The term “Benign” is used to describe the medical conditions and tumors and usually refers to the process that is not dangerous. In this type of tumor, there are very less chances of the death of a person. The tumors grow locally but not spread to the other regions of the body.

The term “Malignant” is often written with word dangerous in medicine.While it usually refers to a cancerous tumor for example if you are having hypertension with this tumor, it is dangerously high and malignant tumors (cancerous tumors) and those spread to the other parts of the body parts and damaging them.

How are malignant and benign tumors similar?

• Both of them grow in large area

• Both are dangerous when they are at the peak of their occurrences

• Both the tumor can occur anytime

Differences between benign and malignant tumors

• Rate of growth-Malignant tumor grow much more rapidly than benign tumors, but there are exceptions some malignant tumors grow very slowly, while some benign tumor enlarge rapidly in a huge number.

• Ability to reoccur (meta size)-Benign tumors expand locally that is near the site of originally the tumor, whereas malignant tumor reoccur at distant sites, such as in the brain, liver, and other body parts.

• Tissue recurrence-Malignant tumor tends to invade the nearby tissues, whereas benign tumors do not expand in the larger areas of the body. A simple way of thinking about this is to envision a benign tumor, as having a wall or boundary. The boundary allows the tumor to expand and push nearby tissues.

• Effective treatment-Benign tumors can usually be removed by the surgery alone, while malignant tumors will require different techniques like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy (Biopsy). These all are required to reach the cancer cell that has spread beyond reason.

• Reoccurrence chances/ conditions-Benign tumor can occur after the surgical process, while malignant tumor by surgery is very low.

• Systematic effects-Malignant tumors are the one that are more systemic to occur than the benign tumors. Due to the nature of the tumors, symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss are common. A common type of disease seen in such condition is hypocalcaemia.

There are changes in the conditions of the arrival of both the types of cancer. The changes can be confusing and frightening if they are living with one of these tumors. Physicians often make the distinction between cancerous and non-cancerous tumor under the microscope and sometimes the difference are minute and subtle, that it become difficult for the doctor to find out the type of the tumor.

Common types of Benign Tumors

• Adenomas (epithelial tissues that cover organs and glands).

• Meningiomas ( brain and spinal cord)

• Fibromas (connective tissue of an organ)

• Papillomas (Skin, breast, and other )

• Lipomas (fat cells)

• Myomas(muscle tissue)

Common types of Malignant tumors

• Sarcomas(connective tissue such as muscle, fat cartilage)

• Carcinomas(Organs and gland tissue such as breast, lung, thyroid)

How can one stay away from cancer

• Stay away from sugary drinks

• Eat starch resistant fruits

• Eat nuts of any types

• Eat garlic

• Eat cruciferous veggies

• Make a cancer-fighting dinner using tomatoes and more consumption of tartaric acid

• Drink green tea

• Eat wild salmon and more consumption of fish oil.

• Eat kiwi fruit

• Eat red grapes

• Eat onion

• Take sunbath for few hours

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